The Ideal Pase® Buying Experience

14 February 2018 //

Company Information

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When you contact Ideal Pase® for your liquid filling solution you are engaging an organization that has over 60 years of experience designing, fabricating and delivering custom filling machines to the paint and coatings, chemical, lubricant and food industries. From half-pint cans to 5-gallon pails to 550-gallon totes and beyond, Ideal Pase® has a liquid filling machine solution custom designed for your specific needs at a price that will fit your budget.


Prior to showing potential new customers any specific Ideal Pase® filling machines – we confirm all requirements for the customer’s specific filling needs; from product characteristics to container size and required filling rates and any lids or caps that need to be placed, closed or sealed or over-sealed. After we completely understand your filling requirements and your budget we then present several filling machine solutions from our extensive library of machines we designed, built and shipped for a similar set of filling requirements. These machines will then be further customized, if required, to meet your specific liquid filling and container handling and closing requirements.


Ideal Pase® can provide mechanical, volumetric and net-weight filling machines in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic configurations. Including a wide variety of lid placers and closers, cap placers and closers in addition to a wide variety of nozzles – each one designed to optimize your specific product filling performance parameters.


Once you select the specific filling machine and options a formal quote is prepared. After you place your order we confirm all your filling requirements in writing and begin to prepare your specific filling machine approval drawing – that is fully reviewed by you and signed off (if acceptable) – prior to the start of any machine fabrication or assembly – ensuring you the customer – will receive the exact liquid filling solution from Ideal Pase®.


In addition, a quantity set of all containers and lids to be used with the purchased filling machine are sent to Ideal Pase® to help in the design stage of the machine. These same samples are used in the machine acceptance step – when customers are invited to the Ideal Pase® factory to perform acceptance on their machines. Multiple containers of each size are filled with water using the customers newly completed Ideal Pase® Filling Machine – filling accuracy, fill rates and any lid placing or closing are demonstrated to the customer – to ensure the customer confirms all the filling machine performance they were sold.


Once the Ideal Pase® filling machine is accepted at our factory – the filling machine is carefully packed and shipped to the customer’s site for installation. After the filling machine is installed and powered up at the customer’s facility, Ideal Pase® offers on-site machine start-up and operator training classes to ensure your filling machines are performing their best and your operators know how to setup, run and adequately maintain your machines.


Ideal Pase® offers genuine replacement parts, on-site service and an array of service and support contracts for the life of your Ideal Pase® Filling machine.


See how Ideal Pase® can provide you with the best products, service, and support for your production line at a price that fits your budget. Contact an Ideal Pase® sales representative at or call us at 800-383-1128.