Pivot-Style Semi-Automatic Drum & Tote Filling Machine

For Containers: Drums Totes

Semi-automatic drum and tote filling machine, with space saving pivot-style lance column, is designed to fill 15, 30 and 55 gallon plastic or metal drums an a variety of tote sizes and styles. High Accuracy Net Weight Filling. Top fill, sub-fill and bottom fill modes. Proportionally controlled filling lance with no upstream valves required. Cleaning-while filling station for optional, additional filling lances. 316/316L pacified product contact parts. Automatic, powered container height adjustments. Allen-Bradley PLC for Machine Control, Color HMI Touch Screen Interface, Multiple conveyor configurations, including: gravity roller or powered conveyors in addition to zoned in-feed and out-feed powered conveyor sections. Swing Arm & Slide to Position the Nozzle. Simple Operation.

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