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The Ideal Pase have come together as one to provide you with top of the line liquid filling. Fully and semi-automatic liquid filling systems allowing for true “Pipe to Pallet” packaging operations. Serving the paint/coatings, chemical, lubricant and food industries.

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About PASE Group

The PASE Group team has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of liquid filling, container handling, material handling and conveying equipment. We proudly serve customers worldwide in the paint & coatings, chemical, petroleum, personal care and food & beverage industries. Furthermore, we specialize in intrinsically safe, explosion proof systems for classified areas.


Our design expertise begins at project conception. Early on, special consideration is given to the customer’s requirements, experience and input to make sure the design meets customer expectations. We work closely with our customers through all stages of the project from the initial specifications through design, fabrication, programming and testing.

About Ideal-Pak

The story of the Ideal-Pak® brand dates back more than sixty years, when the original Ideal Manufacturing and Sales Corp. was founded In 1949.

From the early days as a manufacturer of custom machinery, to their transition to creating liquid filling machines and packaging line solutions, Ideal grew through innovation, experience, and knowledgeable engineering staff.

The Ideal mission was to create high performance customized equipment that met the exact needs of their customers. It was not long before high technology controllers, patented functionality, and expanded options for increased capabilities became part of Ideal’s automated liquid filling and packaging solutions.

The Ideal-Pak line of liquid filling machines has emerged to become a quality name in the international paints and coatings, chemicals, lubricants, and food and beverage industries. Ideal-Pak Filling & Packaging Line Solutions enable mid-size companies to Fortune 500 brands to automate their operations and increase productivity.

In 2018, Ideal-Pak proudly joined the Massman LLC Companies.  Ideal-Pak together with the PASE Group and EDL can bring complete integrated solutions for your liquid filling and packaging needs.

Ideal-Pak® machines are made in the USA.  Ideal-Pak® is a proud member of PMMI.