It’s Time to Call in the Closers

14 March 2018 //

Featured Products

Ideal Pase® completes the liquid filling process with reliable, flexible and dependable lid placing and closing machines. Ideal Pase® manufactures a wide range of lid placers and closers that can be integrated into specific Ideal Pase® filling machines or as stand-alone lid placing and closing stations. From ½ pint containers to 5-gallon metal and plastic pails to 55-gallon drums and 330-gallon totes – Ideal Pase® has a closing machine to meet your production requirements.


Ideal Pase®’s popular model CA-CEM Roller Closer – quietly closes both metal and plastic lids. An optional check-weigh station is available for pre-closed container weight checking. The versatile CA-CEM can close metal and plastic quart, gallon and 5-gallon containers. For hard to close plastic lids (that often contain an inner ring seal) the Model CA-CEM Roller Closer with the optional powered top roller deck – ensures consistent and reliable performance.


For smaller ½ pint to gallon containers Ideal Pase®’s model CR-1-2675 equipped with lid placer and roller closer is a portable stand-alone machine or can be integrated onto many of Ideal Pase®’s filling machine models. The model CR-1-2675 can be integrated into a fully automatic Ideal Pase® Filling Machine with our Direct Fill System (DFS).  The CR-1-2675 closing machine can also be paired with the Ideal Pase® Model ALP-1 auto lid placing machine for plastic and metal lids.  Half pint and pint lids are auto placed by adding an Ideal Pase® model LPA-0000 lid placer to the CR-1-2675 roller closer/powered conveyor machine.


For 5-gallon metal lid crimping and roller closing – the Ideal Pase® model CA-CBM provides both capabilities on a small robust powered conveyor. An optional press plate can be added in place of the crimping tool – for press closing 5-gallon plastic lids.


The Ideal Pase® model CR-1-2830 provides ½ pint to gallon lid placing and can be closely followed by over-seal lid placing and closing in a single portable machine.


The versatile Ideal Pase® model CP-5-2873 crimps or press plate closes 1 to 5-gallon metal pails. The Ideal Pase® model CP-5-2873 can be configured with an indexing bar to move heavy product filled pails under a crimping or press plate for closing.


Ideal Pase® closing machines – reliable, flexible and dependable.

Contact an Ideal Pase® sales representative to help you find the right closer for your production line at or 1-800-383-1128.