16 July 2016 //

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Automatic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine With Direct Fill System


Anytime liquid filling production demand necessitates the consideration of higher automation, over-all process throughput is often the key decision driver.  Sure, filling speed measured in containers per minute (CPM) and equipment cost are obvious elements in determining the return on investment.  But what about unscheduled maintenance, change-over time, set-up and clean-up, and labor content?  The Ideal Pase® AE6 is a base platform that you can configure to addresses all the cost buckets.  The base AE6-LNM machine shown in this video fills gallon F-style jugs at >24 CPM and the 2.5 gallon at >20 CPM.  With our patented DFS® Direct Fill Cart System, change-over and clean-up is fast – a matter of minutes.  Fully adjustable, with the appropriate selection of tooling and nozzle styles/technology, the AE6-LNM is a truly flexible production tool able to handle a wide array of container types and sizes from 32 ounces up to 6 gallons.  To positively impact production labor content, the AE6 is also highly customizable and versatile.  Any number and combination of automatic lid placing, container closing, ring sealing, fill nozzles, conveyors and tables can be configured to provide the level of automation needed for your products and processes.

You haven’t quite reached the point of needing to fill 175,000 gallons a week with one filling machine?  The Ideal Pase® AE Platform is also available with anywhere from 1 to 8 fill stations.  Scalability?  Probably, let’s talk!  Call 608-241-1118, or fill out the Request Information Form on the Contact Us Page.