16 July 2016 //

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Automatic Lid Placing & Closing Machine


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Within the packaging line, labor content is the easiest to identify and can be one of the highest cost contributors – both directly and indirectly due to ergonomic risk, poor reliability and lack of packaging integrity.  And shipping substandard product packaging can lead to spills, fines, and loss of business.  To avoid the later, some companies add even more labor to reduce the risks.

No matter if your filling process is manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, adding an Ideal Pase® closing machine will save you money.  Extremely robust designs that offer dependability, process flexibility and packaging reliability are also extremely affordable.  Models like the CR-1-2675 and CR-1-2830 can process container sizes from ½ pint up to 1 gallon.  Adding the fully adjustable LPA-0000 Lid Placer to the Powered Tabletop Chain Conveyor with Ideal Pase’s 2340HR Adjustable Roller Closer, these machines are perfect for many common industrial applications.  Also available in Stainless Steel with Washdown construction or the Explosion-proof Safety Package, both machines are ready for a broad range of food, chemical, paints and coating applications.

The CR-1-2830 also includes simple size-dedicated mechanisms for placing over-seal rings and a second closing station that meets DOT process requirements.  To learn more about these and other process automation solutions from Ideal Pase visit our website or contact our sales department at:

View the Product Video | Visit our Website at