Ideal Pase – Bringing It All Together

14 January 2019 //

Company InformationLiquid Filling Machine Industrial Applications


Ideal Pase’s SE Series is the industry’s most capable semi-automatic filling machine line featuring; electronic net weight filling, fast recipe entry, storage and downloads, large 12” color HMI and lighted push button control panel. This versatile and economical filling machine line can be configured for top fill, inside fill and bottom fill applications, single nozzle or two nozzle machine configurations. The SE Series can fill a wide variety of open top, f-style and tight head container styles from ½ pint up to 6 gallon pails. A wide selection of closers is available including; roller closer, press plate, crimping, Reiki press and pneumatic air-wrench. Several precision-made Ideal Pase nozzles are available to customize your filling process. Other options include; Nitrogen Purge, Portable and Interchangeable Fill Carts, Sanitary Machine Construction and Sanitary Contact Parts, Indexing (feed) Conveyor, Gravity Roller Conveyors, Type X NFPA Control Module, and Casters for Machine portability.


The Ideal Pase’s ASE Group’s fully automatic bulk filling system for 15,30,55 and 62-gallon drums and various totes containers features an automatic, servo-controlled bung location vision system combined with an innovative belt driven gantry subsystem to automatically move the lance to the vision-detected bung locations. Features include; accurate net-weight filling with full recipe entry, storage and recipe retrieval capability, large color Allen Bradley touchscreen HMI, Sub-fill with tracking, top-fill or bottom fill selection, no operator required to move lance from drum to drum, proportionally controlled filling lances with no up-stream valves required, cleaning-while filling station for optional, 304,316/316L pacified product contact parts available, explosion proof packages and various safety options to meet your specific plant requirements.


The Ideal Pase can provide customers with a variety of automated conveyor packages to fully integrate your filling machine into your current or future factory filling operations. In addition, the Ideal Pase can provide auto labeling and other post filling packaging machines including case packing and palletizing. Please view the Ideal Pase video link in this newsletter for one example of what we can offer.