Automatic Gantry-Style Drum & Tote Filling Machine

For Containers: Drums Totes

Automatic gantry-style drum and tote filling machine, with auto bung-locating vision system for hands free lance placement, is designed to automatically fill 15, 30 and 55 gallon plastic or metal drums an a variety of IBC tote sizes and styles. High Accuracy Net Weight Filling. Top fill, sub-fill and bottom fill modes. No operator required to move lance from drum to drum. Proportionally controlled filling lance with no upstream valves required. Cleaning-while filling station for optional, additional filling lances. 316/316L pacified product contact parts. Automatic, powered container height adjustments. Allen-Bradley PLC for Machine Control, Color HMI Touch Screen Interface, Multiple conveyor configurations, including: gravity roller or powered conveyors in addition to zoned in-feed and out-feed powered conveyor sections. NOTE: Can be purchased as a semi-automated filling machine and upgraded in the field with the bung locating vision system when needed. Extensive powered conveyor systems are available to meet any factory layout requirements. XP models also available.

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