Getting Oriented Without Blowing Your Lid

14 January 2018 //

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Welcome to 2018! It’s a brand new year.


Ringing in the new year we are happy to announce the return of Russell Schlager to the Ideal Pase team. Kevin Malliet has moved onto new opportunities and we thank him and wish him well.  Russell enthusiastically rejoins Ideal Pase as Sales and Marketing Director.


Every liquid filling production line is different.  Some lid-placing production lines don’t require lid orientation, and sometimes your lids have bungs that must be aligned a certain way.  The NEW Ideal Pase ALP-5 Lid Placer with Automatic Bung Orientation can now perform both operations.


The Automatic Bung Orientation Unit features a conveyor that holds stacks of lids to be fed into the orienter. The number of stacks depends on the height and the length of the conveyor. The conveyor is custom built to hold as many lid stacks as the customer requires. Additional lids are easily added to the conveyor without interrupting operation.


Lid stacks are then elevated and inserted into the unit. A vacuum pick-and-place mechanism transfers individual lids to the orienter. Orientation of the bung is done using fixed position mechanical stops, providing a level of consistency that common laser sensors have difficulty maintaining.


The Automatic Lid Placer is custom built to meet your exact requirements. A typical setup queues the lids by placing them in a gravity chute. Lids at the end of the chute catch onto the leading edge of the pail as they pass under the chute. This configuration allows for faster throughput.


An alternate configuration places the lids directly onto the containers passing underneath (using sensors to detect the container) via a vacuum-enabled pick-and-place arm.


Let Ideal Pase’s Automatic Bung Orientation Lid Placers allow you to fully automate your lid placing operations. Speak with your Ideal Pase sales representative to discuss your custom lid placer with orientation solution today!


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