Introducing Ideal Pase’s Fully Automatic PT-Auto

14 September 2018 //

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Ideal Pase’s PT-Auto Features Single Scan Bung Location Technology for Industry Leading Auto Net Weight Drum Filling Rates

Ideal Pase Massman LLC is pleased to announce its PT-Auto, the newest addition to the PT family of drum and tote filling machines. The PT-Auto features an innovative laser scanning method that automatically finds all drum bung locations in a single scan prior to the fill step. The PT-Auto’s single scan bung location technology replaces camera-based bung location designs that require individual pictures of each drum, four in all, prior to each drum fill. The PT-Auto delivers faster overall filling cycle times, does not require additional overhead lighting and works on all drum colors and finishes.

The PT-Auto is ideally suited for high-volume drum filling operations that require high accuracy net-weight filling and are looking for an automated drum and tote filling machine that will reduce the number of operators required on their filling lines.

The Ideal Pase PT-Auto drum and tote filling machine automatically transports and fills a wide variety of drums and totes.

  1. Heavy duty powered in-feed conveyor sections move four empty drums on a pallet with their bung caps removed or single totes onto a powered scale conveyor for automatic filling.
  2. A single scan across the 48” x 48” pallet of drums (or the tote) allows the system to detect the exact location of each bung
  3. The machines X and Y axis servo automatically moves the fill lance to the first bung location where the lance is automatically lowered (via an air cylinder) into the bung for immediate top, inside or bottom filling
  4. After filling, the filling lance automatically lifts out of the current drum and repeats this automatic process for the remaining three drums
  5. Once the drums or tote are filled, the lance automatically raises out the way and the pallet of drums (or the tote) is power conveyed off the scale conveyor onto the exit conveyors
  6. A new pallet of empty drums or an empty tote is power conveyed onto the scale conveyor to repeat the automated process.

The Ideal Pase PT-Auto drum and tote filling machine can be configured without external in-feed and out-feed conveyors. A single conveyor mounted on the scale or a bare scale configuration is available for forklift loading and unloading of drums and totes.


  • Operator-Free Filling of Drums & Totes
  • High Accuracy Automated Net Weight Filling eliminates under and over filling
  • Proprietary laser scanning method automatically finds all bung locations in a single scan
    • Works on all drum colors and finishes
  • Ideal Pase precision crafted filling nozzles and lances – for top, inside or bottom fill machine configurations
  • Stainless Steel & Teflon Wetted Parts
  • Allen-Bradley PLC for Machine Control and Recipe Generation and Storage
  • Large Color HMI Touch Screen Interface
  • Multiple conveyor configurations, including; gravity roller or powered conveyors in addition to zoned in-feed and out-feed powered conveyor sections.
  • Hazardous environment configuration – Class 1, Div 1 option available

Ideal Pase’s PT series of drum and tote filling machines have grown in popularity because they provide drum and tote filling operations in a wide variety of net weight drum and tote filling machines; from semi-automatic single drum filling to semi and fully automatic filling machines for 4 drums on a pallet and a variety of single tote sizes.