Coming Together to Provide the Industry’s Most Complete Line of Pail Filling Solutions

14 May 2020 //

Liquid Filling Machine Industrial Applications

Ideal Pase, a Massman Company, offers a wide variety of custom liquid filling machine solutions for pail filling operations in the paint/coatings, chemical, lubricant and food industries.


Together, we provide our customers the most comprehensive liquid filling and packaging line equipment solutions for pails available. Including pail; denesting, net weight liquid filling, lid placing (with or without spout orientation), lid closing, palletizing, depalletizing and material handling. Ideal Pase offers a full line of liquid filling machines for pails including both automatic and semi-automatic models. In addition to intrinsically safe and/or explosion proof packages for your machines and integrated lines. Please take a look at this month’s video for a quick overview of the pail filling solutions we can design and build to fit your exact filling line requirements’ and budget.