16 July 2019 //

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Automatic Drum & Tote Filling With Smart Conveyers


The Ideal Pase Model PT-BF machine for drum and tote filling delivers Increased production and throughput with Ideal Pase’s net-weight fill system technology and a variety of smart conveyor configurations. Totes and palletized drums are automatically transported from the initial in-feed conveyor onto the scale conveyor where totes are automatically filled (with no operator intervention) and drums are filled with the assistance of an operator. Once filled totes and drums are automatically transported to conveyor sections where they can feed into labeling or shrink-wrapping stations or off-loaded via forklift for shipping. Ideal Pase’s smart conveyor systems increase the speed and productivity of your filling operation by incorporating sensors under PLC control on each conveyor section. Allowing the system to detect vacant conveyor sections and fill them with the next tote or pallet and ensure collision free filling production. Any combination of in-feed and out-feed conveyor designs are available.

Standard features include; High Accuracy Net Weight Filling, Allen-Bradley PLC for Machine Control and Filling Recipe Management, Rice Lake Weight Controller and Color HMI Touch Screen Interface.

Additional features include; Expandable modular designs with Allen Bradly PLC, touch pad HMI, SPC reporting, and top fill, inside fill or bottom fill machine configurations provide flexibility for a wide variety of drum and tote filling applications.

Available Options; Drip Cup, Flush Attachments that Connect To the Nozzle for Cleaning in Place, Fume Vent, Gravity or Smart Powered Roller Conveyors, Ground Fault Indicator, Several filling Lance Material Options, Top Fill, Inside Fill, or Bottom Fill Machine Configurations, Type X Purge System, Valve, Regulator and Lubricator to Control Air Diaphragm Pump/Tranquilizer.

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