15 January 2020 //

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Image of Ideal-Pak Pase Group's Two Station Auto Drum & Tote Filling Line.

The Ideal Pase which specializes in integrated drum and tote filling lines was asked by a major beverage processor to design and build a custom sanitary net-weight drum and tote filling line that would automatically transport; individual totes, four plastic drums on a pallet and fiber drums on a pallet with plastic bag inserts to one of two auto filling stations followed by single stations for; semi-automatic labeling, auto stretch wrapping and auto cover sheet placement (for palletized drums only).


The completed net weight beverage filling line automatically detects container type and size prior to the fill step and compares it to the stored filling recipes – that resides in the filling machines PLC– ensuring the right fill recipe goes with the correct container type and size. The dual automatic filling stations allow for simultaneous filling of any two container types increasing the overall output of this custom filling line.


Each filling station has a built-in vision system which auto finds the drum and tote bung locations prior to sanitary auto top or bottom filling, freeing up the operator to attend to other filling line duties. A single stainless steel washdown food grade platform allows one filling operator to manage both filling lines. A series of interlocked conveyor gates with integrated photo eyes – ensures safe conveyor crossing at all operator access points. Both Filling Stations employ sanitary contact surfaces and seals, stainless steel scale washdown conveyors and sloped roof covers above all filling zones.


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