16 June 2019 //

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Automatic Volumetric Filling & Closing Machine

The Ideal Pase Model: AFS-1-2728 – Automatic Volumetric Filling & Closing Machine for Pint to Gallon Containers.

The Model AFS-1-2728 volumetric filling machine is a high value automated machine for packaging pint to gallon containers. The single head version incorporating a precision made Ideal Pase nozzle, provides high throughput filling in an economical package. The AFS-1-2728 is easily incorporated into an automatic packaging line. Containers are automatically stopped under the nozzle and filled. Lids are automatically placed with an optional lid placer. Filler containers are sealed as they are conveyed through a roller closer.

Machine features include:

  • Infinite fill limit valve for changing volume on the next fill cycle.
  • Hand cranks easily adjust nozzle and closer height.
  • Dispenses in a single stroke for fast fills.
  • Automatic lid placer drops lids on filled containers as they are transported via powered conveyor.
  • Roller closer seals pint to gallon friction and press on lids.
  • Zinc plating provides a durable finish.
  • Throttle valve for controlling product flow to the nozzle.
  • Pneumatic filling controls.
  • Optional accumulation and de-accumulation tables available.