Ideal Pase’s fume booth features automated side lift doors that allow standard tote in-feed and out-feed motorized conveyors to auto-feed empty totes onto the scale conveyor inside the fume booth. Fume booth side doors automatically open and close to ensure the empty totes are inside the secure fume both prior to filling. Once filling is complete the side doors open, and the filled tote is conveyed to the outside exit conveyor as the next empty tote is conveyed onto the scale conveyor. Fume booth doors close and the process repeats. Ideal Pase’s smart zoned conveyor systems feature robust optical sensors on each section of conveyor to ensure efficient and fast tote loading and unloading without creating empty conveyor sections. The front of the machine features a set of French doors with smart glass windows. These doors can be opened or removed for complete fill zone access for routine maintenance and scale calibrations. The rear of the fume booth features a removable panel for full access to the back of the filling machine.

The Ideal Pase Model PT-Auto-Tote with Integrated Fume Booth delivers the highest levels of safety, automation, and precision filling in a full-featured package. Standard features include; electronic net-weight fill system technology, SPC, PLC control, touch screen HMI with recipe storage, and SPC with check-weigh data logging and single or multiple filling positions, bung area fume hood with integrated mechanical drip cup, stainless steel fume booth that encloses the entire fill zone from the scale conveyor up to the final height of the fume hood exhaust section of the booth.

Options available include: Clean In Place (CIP) on Fill Lance and Adapter with Clamp for CIP, Explosion Proof Packages, Hands Free Auto Ground Interlock System, Nitrogen Purge through the Nozzle, Operator Platform, Pump Control, Top Fill or Bottom Fill Machine Configuration, Removable scale subsystems for easy periodic maintenance and cleaning, Various in-feed & outfeed conveyor configurations.

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