The IDEAL PASE 4-Head Inline Filler

27 January 2023 //

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The IDEAL PASE 4-Head Inline Filling Machine with integrated bowl sorter, elevator and capping station is a versatile filling and capping solution for a variety of tight head and larger F-style containers. This particular machine auto bottom fills four 5 gallon tight heads simultaneously.  Available in both corrosion resistant stainless steel and explosion proof versions, this machine is equipped with intrinsically safe interlocked splash guards and an integrated fume exhaust system.


The integrated capping machine – auto feeds, bowl sorts and auto places reike style caps one at a time at filling line production rates. After cap placement – filled containers are transported to the cap press station for a press fit.


Robust stainless steel table top conveyor utilizing pneumatic container sops – ensures consistent and reliable production runs.


Container bung orientation is maintained using a robust handle guide system – installed above the conveyor track.


This filling machine can be programmed to perform top fill, inside fill or bottom fill operation (as shown).


Bowl sorter, cap elevator and capping machine follow the filling station – in a compact floor saving conveyor layout. Caps are placed one at a time with minimal impact to overall machine cycle time. Filled containers with caps are transported to the Reike press station for the final cap sealing step.


The IDEAL PASE Inline Filler with integrated capping station for large tight head and f-style containers can dramatically improve your filling and capping operations.



If you’re interested in the IDEAL PASE 4-Head Inline Filler, please use the form below, and a sales representative will contact you to help.