The Ideal Pase Model AE2-CES

30 August 2022 //

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The Ideal Pase Model AE2-CES is the perfect automatic net-weight filling machine for liquid food applications.


Stainless steel construction, sanitary design features, and food-compatible contact parts make this filler ideal for a wide variety of food-filling applications including; sauces, flavorings, marinades, honey and molasses, and yes even salsas. This model auto-fills, lids, and seals 5-gallon plastic pails and comes standard with a color touch screen HMI and lighted push-button control panel for easy filling recipe generation, storage, and recall in addition to simple push button machine operation.




If you’re interested in the Ideal Pase AE2-CES, use the form below, and a sales representative will contact you to help.