The Custom AE3-CEM – Durable, Versatile, & Flexible

14 June 2017 //

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Regardless of the industry, most production lines demand process equipment that is durable, versatile, and flexible. It’s been well documented that, since 1949, Ideal Pase® has fulfilled this demand. But when it comes to Paint, Ideal Pase® is the recognized expert for container filling and closing machinery. Take for example this AE3-CEM specifically designed for a Specialty Paint manufacturer.

Serving the retail and contractor market with exterior paint products in the SE US, the paint formulations developed by this company are designed for extreme heat, humidity, intense sun, and high wind, and are especially resistant to salt spray, the “arch enemy” of Atlantic coastal homes. For packaging these high-end products they selected the AE3-CEM for filling, lidding, and closing 5 gallon pail packages.

At a viscosity range up to 130 Ku (4000cP), the Ideal Pase® Patented DFS® Direct Fill System product delivery was selected. Eliminating the pressure variable associated with Pressure Over Product (POP) and Valve/Pump systems, DFS® uses gravity and 2-stage filling to provide clean, consistent product flow delivering the most accurate, repeatable fill results. For high value products, fill precision offers significant cost savings. This customer went further. Adding Spray Balls, and custom fabrication to the DFS® Tank, including Electro-Polished Wetted Surfaces, Polished Butt Welds and Rounded Tank Corners, batch yield was increased by 7 gallons or more and cleaning material cut by 50%.

Packaging Automation in the form of Automatic Lid Placement and Container Closing added directly to the 3-head filler increased capacity and reduced labor content/container. Along with the integrated Glycol Pump dispenser, packaging integrity was improved along with product quality consistency. When your reputation is on the line, especially associated with a high-end brand, improvement in these areas is invaluable.

Whether you are processing expensive paints or products that cost less than the container they are packaged in, Ideal Pase® has the solution for your liquid filling requirements. To learn how Ideal Pase® Engineers can customize a machine for your process challenges give us a call (800) 383-1128, send an email, or visit our Website and fill out the Request Form.

View the Product Video | Visit our Website at