15 October 2016 //

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Image of Model AE4-LAM Electronic Net Weight Filling, Lidding and Closing Machine.

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Cost of Operation is getting more attention than ever before.  Old Return on Investment Models have been replaced by complicated models that analyze many more process cost contributors as well as strategic valuations.  At PackExpo 2016 we will discuss some of these elements and review how the Ideal Pase® AE4-LAM, with multiple fill carts, addresses these important cost drivers.


For most industrial liquid filling process, labor is one of the highest costs and naturally gets critical attention.  The AE4-LAM delivers exceptional value for performance per labor hour.  Designed for versatility, it can process containers from 200mL up to 23L (6 gallons).  Product delivery is configurable to fill the containers from the top, inside, bottom, or any combination of these.  Of course, versatility doesn’t reduce Cost of Operation unless the design is also flexible.  Again, the AE4-LAM delivers.  Ideal Pase® patented Mobile Fill Cart Innovation allows the entire Product Delivery to be swapped out in less than 5 minutes!  Also need to change the container size?  Total, tool-less conversion of product and container can be done in under 20 minutes.  And, with nearly unlimited recipe storage, pressing “START” really means you are back in production.  No “fine-tuning” or starts-stops to adjust operational parameters.  Programmable settings also enable the user to set-up for extreme fill precision when necessary or maximum throughput when looser fill tolerances are good enough.  You decide how maximum value is achieved for every unique product and container combination.


Fast, flexible and versatile is not enough?  How about GREEN?  The Ideal Pase® DFS® Direct Fill System increases yield and cleans up faster consuming less cleaning material than any other fill method in the market.  Proven to cut clean-up time by 50% or more, users also report a 50% reduction in cleaning media as well.  And with small batch production proliferating across all industries, the DFS® method fills several more containers on every production run.  More product.  Less energy.  Faster change-over.  Less product and process waste.  Too good to be true?  Come see it for yourself at PackExpo 2016, McCormick Place Chicago, November 6-9.  Ideal Pase® is in the South Hall, Booth S-3302.


We will see you in Chicago!

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