Re-Introducing The Ideal Pase Automatic Net Weight 6-Head Filling and Closing Machine

29 April 2022 //

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Re-introducing The Ideal Pase Automatic Net Weight 6 Head Filling & Closing Machine redesigned to auto-fill, auto-lid place and auto close quart and gallon open-top metal and quart and gallon KW TruSnap paint cans and plugs. This machine features; Ideal Pase’s exclusive six nozzle Direct Fill System (DFS), Large horizontally mounted lid feeding subsystem for quart & gallon lids – metal or plastic, Dual high speed lid placers; one for quart metal and quart KW TruSnap Plugs and one for gallon metal and KW TruSnap Plugs. An A&A Powered Roller Closer for quart and gallon lids. Rice Lake Weight Controller, 12” Color Touch Screen QuickPanel Plus HMI, Batch Count & SPC Reporting, Recipe Storage, Auto Tare, Check Weigh, Preact & First Cycle Preact.


This automatic six head filling machine comes equipped with six container simultaneous lateral transfer of empty containers onto and off of the six scale positions for reduced container loading and unloading times. This filling machine is capable of 40 container per minutes fill rate at high accuracies. Machine options include; integrated finger sorter that gently directs no-lid containers to a re-work station, portable flush trough for cleaning the filling modules at the scales or remotely, remote flush controls to activate the six filling nozzles when DFS is moved away from the filling machine for remote cleaning, spare DFS fill cart for fast fill cart swap-out and zero-time fill cart switch over. Interlocking guard doors for Lid Placing and Closing Zones.


This same machine platform is offered in 2 and 4 fill head configurations and can also auto; fill, lid and close pint, quart and gallon metal and plastic containers.


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