Ideal Pase’s Automatic F-Style Net-Weight Filling & Capping Solution for F-Style Containers

26 January 2022 //

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A large car wash cleaning products company approached Ideal Pase for an automatic filling & capping solution for 2.5-gallon, f-style containers.


Requirements: Fill Rate: 8-12 containers per minute
Product: Car Wash Soap, Foamy Product – Filling Technique: Bottom Fill – Capping – Automatic


Ideal Pase’s Solution: A six head bottom fill net-weight filler with lateral container transfer – lateral transfer of 6 empty containers from a separate infeed conveyor onto the scales (for simultaneous six container filling) and then all six transferred to a separate exit conveyor maximizes machine cycle time – followed by an automatic single-head in-line capper that uses reliable feed screw container transport for filled f-style containers. Allen Bradley PLC and Color HMI, Fast Recipe Generation, Storage and Recall, Integrated Filler Drip Tray and Bowl Cap Feeder and Capper Torque Setting controls.