October 2020 Newsletter – Pack Expo Connects

22 October 2020 //


Pack Expo Connects


To Our Tradeshow Visitors This Year:

The COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to be an unprecedented challenge for all of us. During difficult times like these, communication with our current and potential customers becomes even more important. With this in mind we are pleased to participate in PMMI’s virtual Pack Expo Tradeshow for 2020. We are showcasing two innovative net weight filling machines one from our Ideal Pase Team. The Ideal Pase Filling machine is one example from our industry favorite Automatic In-line Net Weight Filling Machine Line that features our two-filling head gravity – based Direct Fill System (DFS) and automates the filling, lidding and lid sealing steps for ½ pint through gallon containers. Our other Filling Machine is our just introduced Dual 4 Head Fill Tank – Automatic Inline Filling Machine featuring Ideal Pase’s innovative pressure over product (POP) fill technology. The dual tanks allow for Filling on one tank while Flushing on the other. This system is very versatile and is designed to run a variety of bottles sizes and materials including glass, plastic and metal.  Please checkout the video previews of both machines to be featured at this year’s PMMI Pack Expo Connects – and we look forward to welcoming you to our first “virtual” trade show in November.