May Newsletter – AE Filling Machine Series

20 May 2021 //


The Ideal Pase AE Filling Machine Series can be customized to automatically fill any combination of open top, tight head, or f-style container from ½ pint cans to 5- & 6-gallon pails. This month we are featuring a Model AE4 equipped with lateral container transfer, our innovative 4 Nozzle Direct Fill System (DFS) with integrated cone nozzles, Automatic roller closer and 4 Automatic Crimping Stations to maximize the systems 4 head pail filling and metal lid crimping throughput. This machine was designed for a customer who needed to fill both plastic and metal; open top gallon cans and five-gallon pails. This machine auto fills, lid places and closes 1 gallon plastic and metal cans in addition to auto-filling and crimp-closing metal pails and roller closing plastic pails.


As the industry’s leading supplier of in-line net weight filling machine solutions – let Ideal Pase design you one that meets your automated production filling requirements.