Semi-Automatic Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine

For Containers: Cans Pails

The economical semi-automatic volumetric filler that can be configured to fill a wide variety of container sizes, including stainless steel options. From 1/2 Pint to Pails, this versatile machine ensures accurate filling for your production lines. Placing a container under the nozzle begins the fill cycle by contacting the no-can-no fill switch. After filling, the container is advanced by the operator to the conveyor. Containers are sealed as they are conveyed through an available roller closer, crimper, or press plate.

Machine Closing Options:

  • Hand Capper
  • Heavy Duty Roller Closer
  • Crimping Station
  • Roller Closer & Press Plate/Crimping Station

This liquid filling machine delivers maximum performance with multiple filling head configurations and a holding tank for continuous operation.

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