Cone Nozzle

Ideal for a wide range of viscosity applications. Perfect choice for product applications including chemicals, paints, lubricants, stains, solvents and food products.

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Stop The Drips

Imagine not having to wipe off every container, or delaying the release of containers, while the nozzle finishes dripping! Our Vented Cone Nozzles are ideal for filling a wide range of products, thick to thin. It works great on products that have a tendency to string or drip from a capillary nozzle. The stainless steel cone pinches the product off getting rid of the string. The umbrella shape of the stream directs product flow over greater surface area to reduce foaming. Ideal’s Vented Cone Nozzles are an excellent choice for various products including adhesives, asphalts, greases, inks, jellies, mastics, heavy oils or paints, putties, sour creams and stains.

Clean Up Faster

The high-quality materials used on this nozzle include product contact parts made from Stainless Steel, Brass, and Teflon. These durable materials and well-engineered design reduce the time it takes to clean!

Standard Product Features

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