IDEAL PASE Automatic Tote Filling System

31 July 2023 //

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The IDEAL PASE Automatic Tote Filling System including bung detection and auto net weight filling capabilities features an Allen Bradley touchscreen HMI for recipe & powered conveyor control and realtime filling performance feedback.


This filler is typically configured with 5 foot zoned powered conveyor sections for smart auto tote transport throughout the filling process. Once empty totes arrive at the scale conveyor, a gantry-mounted vision system moves over the top of the tote and detects the position of the bung.  The fill lance, attached to the same gantry, then moves to the bung location coordinates, lowers, and begins the filling process.


The filling recipe can include: top fill, inside fill, or complete bottom up filling sequences.


Once the net-weight filling process is complete the fill lance mechanism moves out of the way – to be in position for the next empty tote, where the vision scan and lance filling process repeats.


After the fill lance leaves the tote bung – a variety of auto drip cups are available to ensure no product drips after the fill step is complete.


Filled totes are then power conveyed to the next conveyor section for manual re-bung before being removed from the exit conveyor section.


Auto tote filling designs include separate powered infeed conveyor sections – prior to the scale conveyor – to pre-load the automatic filling system for improved efficiency and to protect the fragile weigh scales.


The Allen Bradley PLC-equipped machine allows operators to create and store hundreds of fill recipes, which can be quickly recalled and run – increasing the efficiency of you batch filling operation.


System Options Include:

  • A variety of powered conveyor configurations
  • Fill zone exhaust management packages
  • Explosion Proof Designs
  • Fill Lance Flush Stations
  • Complete Filling System Enclosures for Hazardous Filling Environments


The IdealPase Auto Tote Filling System will dramatically improve your tote filling operations, eliminating under and over filling, improving cycle times, enhancing worker safety and optimizing labor efficiency.
If you are looking for ways to improve your tote filling operations – look no further than the Ideal Pase Auto Tote Filling Solution!


For more information, contact an IDEAL PASE representative.