IDEAL PASE 2-Head Net Weight Filling System

28 June 2023 //

Liquid Filling Machine Industrial ApplicationsNewsletter

IDEAL PASE 2-Head Filler for Quart/Gallon Cans and 5-Gallon Plastic PailsThe IDEAL PASE 2-Head Net weight Filling system for quart & gallon cans, and 5 gallon plastic pails is an automatic, accurate, fast, and labor-saving solution to your filling operation.


Our automatic net weight filling system will auto-tare containers and fill to their stored target weight – two containers at a time.


This particular system features automatic and dedicated lid placers for cans (quarts and gallons) as well as 5 gallon plastic pails, along with a heavy duty roller closer to secure lids.


Integrated star wheels ensure exact alignment of lids to can rims after lid drops.


Integrated no-lid sensor ensures all filled cans and pails leaving the closing station have lids before being transported to their final packaging steps.


Pail handle guides for 5-gallon pails, ensure pails maintain their orientation post fill, so lids with spouts can be placed without handle interference.


We build each machine for your exact needs. We offer a variety of options should you need them.


The IDEAL PASE Auto 2-Head Net Weight Filling System for Quart, Gallon and 5 Gallon Pails will increase your filling rates, improve your filling accuracy, and reduce your labor costs.


For more information, contact an IDEAL PASE representative.