16 April 2017 //

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ME Series Machines for Liquid Filling Processes

For most small to medium sized manufacturing and packaging companies, to compete in their industries it is critical to be nimble, adaptable, and efficient.  When that business involves packaging liquid products, it requires flexible systems able to evolve to meet the requirements of unforeseen opportunities.  But to get the greatest return on those capital dollars those systems also need to be durable and easy to maintain.  The solution?  The ME Line from Ideal Pase®.

Processes developed around the skills of a hand selected, well trained group of high performing individuals provide a great entry into competitive markets.  Carefully evolving that expertise to seize related opportunities can provide a nice margin growth to really get a business rolling.  But at a point when demand begins to exceed capacity the model begins to deteriorate.  Retaining top talent, and finding and training new talent, is a challenge.  As wages grow for top performers, price competition begins to erode margin.  And as worker focus diffuses for training, guiding, and monitoring new resources efficiency slips, product consistency waivers, packaging integrity is at risk and process yield suffers.

It’s time for a new Ideal Pase® ME Semi-automatic Net Weight Filling Machine.

The ME Series of liquid filling machines are built on heavy steel, bolted frames.  Choose from zinc plated finishes to epoxy paint to full stainless steel wash down construction.  Simple intuitive user controls are provided via a very durable Rice Lake Weight Controller for inputting fill parameters and push button operators for production control.  Suitable for product viscosities from 1 to 5,000,000 cPs product delivery is customizable to maximize product flow and a wide range of nozzle designs can be mixed and matched to provide the cleanest, fastest fill rates possible.  But it’s not just fast.  Dual ball valves on every product delivery path or gravity feeding via Ideal Pase®’s patented DFS® Direct Fill System, provide 2-stage filling to reduce spraying and splashing of product and delivery fill tolerances as precise as +0.1 lbs. for most products at production rate.  Don’t need such high precision?  Looser fill tolerances can clear the way to even faster fill rates for many applications.

The ME line also offers a number of option packages for automatically placing lids on, and closing, various types of containers from 8 fl oz up to 6 gallons (250 ml – 23 l).  Multiple container sizes, geometries and lids/caps are no problem for the ME Series.  Need to add a float or add a nitrogen purge?  The ME Series can do that too.  Operating in a Class 1 / Division 1 Environment?  No worries, the ME Series has an XP option package as well.

ME Series machines go to work every day in industries including Chemicals, Lubricants, Paints, Coatings, Building Products, Adhesives, Edible Oils, Aerospace, AG Products, Commercial Foods… Ideal Pase® ME Series of Semi-automatic Net Weight Filling and Packaging machines epitomize durability, versatility, flexibility, and efficiency for nearly any liquid filling application.  To explore how our ME Series can be customized to out perform all others in your production environment give us a call 608-241-1118, or fill out the Request Form.