15 November 2016 //

Featured Products

Image of Ideal-Pak's DFSReady™.

Continuing a history of design innovation, Ideal Pase introduces DFSReady™, the next generation of DFS® Direct Fill Technology.  As demand for equipment versatility faces off against an increasing technical skills gap in the labor pool and reductions in cost of operation weigh heavy on your liquid filling process, dual, independent, on-board DFS® Product Delivery systems reduce equipment down time for changeover to a matter of seconds.  Too good to believe?


For liquid filling applications ranging in product viscosity up to 5000 cP, DFS® has been proven to provide cleaner, faster fills by eliminating pressure variation associated with ALL other fill technologies.  Further refinement in tank design and construction reduced product waste increasing batch yield.  Ideal Pase’s patented modular cart delivery made offline cart cleaning easy, operator error-proof, and cut product delivery change-over time to just a few minutes.  How do you improve on the best liquid filling technology in the market for industrial applications?  Eliminate the cart!


By integrating the DFS® Gravity Fill Tank directly into the AE Line of Net Weight Fillers the Engineers at Ideal Pase introduce DFSReady™.  Dual, independent DFS® product delivery systems with dedicated Flush Troughs enable the user to clean, convert, and prime the product delivery for the next production batch without impact to the active filling process.  When one batch ends, the user automatically aligns the next DFSReady™ product delivery with the filling zone utilizing one set of scales for all filling operation.  No worries about injury resulting from man-handling a full tank of product.  No extra scale calibrations or certifications.  Lower maintenance cost.  Elimination of tangled hoses and utilities.  Smaller footprint.  And yes, change-over time measured in seconds.  A single operator managing production and flushing operations at the same time, at one, dual control HMI location will cut direct process labor content as well.  Is your process DFSReady™?


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