Ideal Pase® – Bigger and Better than Ever

14 June 2018 //

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Villard, MN June 1, 2018Massman Automation Designs, LLC (Villard, MN) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ideal Pase®, a leading liquid filling and packaging machine manufacturer located in Madison, WI. It is anticipated that the Ideal Pase® acquisition will give Massman a stronger foothold in the liquid filling machine market while providing its customers with a broader set of integrated packaging line solutions. Ideal Pase® is the latest addition to the Massman Automation Designs offerings, expanding customer relationships and geographic reach within its growing integrated “end of line” packaging equipment business.

About Ideal Pase®
Founded in 1949 Ideal Pase® provides high performance Liquid Filling and Packaging Line Solutions. Ideal Pase® has been serving the paint and coatings, chemicals, lubricant and food and beverage industry for over 60 years. Ideal Pase Liquid Filling Machines are designed to reduce production cost, increase yields, and improve productivity and efficiency. Patented designs make Ideal Pase® filling machines the most flexible and versatile production tools for industrial liquid filling applications.

About Massman Automation Designs, LLC
Massman Automation Designs, LLC has been providing innovative packaging solutions for over 40 years to a wide variety of industries. We pride ourselves in the reputation we have established over the years as a supplier of automation solutions. We approach our customers’ automation needs as an opportunity to develop long-term relationships and life-long support of the solution. By providing dependable equipment, excellent technical support, and very responsive customer service, you have our assurance that Massman Automation Designs, LLC will be there to support your Automation requirements.