Ideal Pase: Automatic Filling for Chemicals & Automatic Debunging and Single Drum Filling

14 February 2019 //

Liquid Filling Machine Industrial Applications

The Ideal PASE Model AE2-CEP

Meet our full-featured automatic 2-head bottom up filling machine. Available in painted, epoxy-painted or stainless steel frame configurations.


Designed for food and chemical filling applications.  This model features twin titanium filling nozzles with hastelloy stems for chemical applications. Other features include:

  • Clean two-stage conveyor design
  • Large color touchscreen HMI mounted on an articulated arm for easy viewing at any angle
  • Accurate net weight filling
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Easy recipe development and storage
  • Checkweigh data logging
  • A variety of auto lid placers and closing options.

Controls for hazardous locations, lid orientation, extended conveyor lengths, glycol pumps and connectivity to facility automation systems are also available.

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Ideal Pase: Automatic Debunging and Single Drum Filling

The Ideal Pase Automatic Single Drum Filling Line with auto bung removal capability incorporates an auto-bung removal station followed by an auto net weight filling station in a small compact footprint not much wider than a powered conveyor. Single (empty) drums with bungs attached are loaded onto a series of powered in-feed conveyors that transport the drums to the auto bung removal station. Container sensors detect the drum and auto rotate each drum (via two motorized rubber wheels) as a robust back lit vision system finds the exact bung location. Once the bung location is found, rotation stops, and the overhead bung removal motorized wrench lowers itself to cover the bung and make solid contact. The motorized wrench removes the bung and lifts it above the drum surface. As the bung-less drum is moved via motorized conveyor to the filling station, the bung is dropped on the surface opposite the drum hole opening. Next, the empty drum is auto net-weight filled by a filling lance and moved out of the filling station for manual bung re-attachment and other post-fill steps including labeling and palletizing. The Automatic Single Drum Filling Line features:

  • A High Accuracy Net Weight Filling
  • Allen Bradley PLC and Color HMI
  • Fast recipe generation
  • Recall and storage
  • Top fill
  • Inside fill or bottom fill machine configurations
  • A wide variety of safety guarding
  • Conveyor layouts and hazardous environment options including;
    • Type X Purge Systems
    • Ground Interlock
    • Fume Vents
    • Full Fume Enclosures surrounding the Filling Station

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