15 February 2017 //

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Image of Ideal-Pak® ALP5-CEM.

For many years a staple of the paints and coatings industry, the cost, reliability, and features of plastic pail packaging are making variations of this container a popular choice for a wide range of products and industries.  Whether the driver is product purity, material compatibility, product freshness or packaging integrity, new variations in pail sizes and geometries are exploding.  Dry goods, pastes, semi-solids and liquids are all finding their way into re-sealable rigid plastic packaging.  As packaging variation increases, automation for lid placing and container closing needs to keep pace.


With Versatility and Capacity at the top of the user needs list the Idea Pase ALP5-CEM is far and away the best choice regardless of product, package geometry, and performance.  The base machine includes an 84” lid conveyor running parallel to the CEM TTC Closing Conveyor.  For common, round skirted lids for 5 gallon pails the conveyor holds up to 90 lids providing 4+ minutes capacity for typical operation.  Additional lids can be safely added to the conveyor at any time without interruption to placing and closing operation.


The ALP5 -CEM uses a lid elevator to raise one stack of lids up to vacuum pick-and-place transfer mechanism increasing speed compared to previous models.  The 2-step linear lid transfer allows for shorter cycle returns (higher production speed) and enables optional automatic lid orientation to be conducted in parallel to the transfer operation without loss of throughput.  The ALP5-CEM also replaces laser sensors for lid alignment with fixed position mechanical stops providing superior consistency in alignment of the pour spout.


But what’s truly unique is the flexibility not usually associated with high speed/high capacity packaging machines.  Different lid size?  Different colors? Different container height?  Rectangular shapes?  No worries, the ALP5-CEM has you covered.  Simple adjustment is usually all that is required.  For extreme variations, swap-out kits may be used.


Not sure you need all these features or require such high performance?  Do you need even higher production speed or greater capacity?  Let’s talk about engineering a custom solution to your process challenges today!  Call (608) 241-1118 or fill out the Request Information Form on the Contact Us Page.