15 January 2017 //

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Image of IDEAL-PAK® AE2-CGM with list of specs.

In liquid filling applications where accuracy and consistency of the amount of product in the container matter, Ideal Pase products have long been the standard, especially in the Paints and Coatings Industry.  But as many of our customers know, when selecting Ideal Pase’s AE Series, there is much more value for your CAPEX dollars.  Take for example this custom configuration for a global leader in marine coatings.


Even leaders in their industry face increasing pressure to deliver high-performing “boutique” products and packaging to secure and hold market share.  While these new opportunities may be a great fit when compared to the company’s core competencies, they don’t always “drop-in” to existing processes or fit existing production tools.  Green field projects or even existing facility retrofit often times aren’t justifiable from a time or investment perspective.  Retooling or replacement of existing equipment becomes an important path forward by enabling the company to do more within its existing footprint.  That was the case for this market leader.


The project goal was to remove the bottleneck in an aging packaging line.  The dream was to replace with new flexible tools able to improve fill precision, reduce change-over time, and increase capacity while significantly enhancing up-time of the line. Selecting the AE2-CGM from Ideal Pase, including features necessary to process a wider variety of containers, and adding custom conveyors, enabled the company to accomplish all the goals without having to radically change material flow or move other tools in the line that were capable of handling the added performance delivered by the new Filling and Closing Machine.  The proposed plan created an ROI so compelling that the company made the decision to upgrade multiple lines at the same time.


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