Ideal Pase® AE2-CAM Automatic Electronic Net Weight Filling Machine Featuring Automatic Lid Closing and Production Line Buffering

14 April 2021 //

Liquid Filling Machine Industrial Applications


We would like to introduce you to the AE2-CAM, an extremely popular version of the Ideal Pase® AE2 Electronic Net Weight Filling Platform. The AE2-CAM is targeted for filling and closing open top containers ranging from four ounces up to one gallon. Additional options are available to broaden the application as was the case for this project in the custom coatings industry.


In addition to filling specialized containers, products included epoxies, amines and isocyanates, ranging from 1 up to 50,000 centipoise (cP) produced in very small batches, sometimes as little as 50 gallons. Many different containers, wide range of products, and very small batches – a nearly impossible combination for most filling machines. But, with the Ideal Pase® AE2, set-up, change-over and clean-up are fast and cost effective. For this project, the AE2-CAM was part of a larger automated production line which incorporated Lid Placing, Production Line Buffering, and end of line Container Accumulation. Multiple patented Manifold carts were included to reduce potential for cross-contamination and accelerate product change-over.



  • Increase process throughput
  • Automate a labor-intensive manual process and reduce labor cost
  • Flexibility with fast change-over between different container geometries
  • Versatility with efficient error-free conversion between different products/characteristics



  • Multiple Manifold Carts dedicated to product families
  • Vented Cone Nozzles matched to container size
  • LPA-0000 Adjustable Lid Placer for different plug-style lids
  • 2340-HR Roller Closer with Missing Lid Sensor
  • Un-scrambler Table at input
  • Production Line Buffer Table upstream from filler
  • Accumulation Table at output




Increase Process Through-put

  • Quick-change Vented Cone Nozzles maximized to process based on container opening and product viscosity
  • High volume application increased from 7 CPM to >10
  • Four fl. ounce container fill increased from 5 CPM to > 11 at fill accuracy of +/- 4.5 gr
  • Peak CPM >13

Reduce Labor Cost

  • Lid Placer and automatic lid closing eliminated 1 laborer
  • Process buffer table facilitated labeling “in-process” reducing man-hours
  • Automatic fill operation with close access unscramble and accumulation table allows single process attendant

Flexibility / Fast Changeover

  • Patented mobile fill carts featuring adjustable fill height and tri-clamp connections for fast nozzle change
  • Lid placer incorporating pre-set, interchangeable lid alignment guides
  • Single touch point to adjust lid closer with integrated lid sensor for different container sizes
  • Straight-line fill conveyor minimizes tooling change and adjustment between container applications

Versatility / Error-free Conversion

  • Manifold fill carts with tri-clamp connections for easy disassembly and rigorous off-line cleaning
  • Extra fill carts for dedication to product families avoiding incompatible product cross-contamination
  • Carts clearly labeled for verification to customer process quality documentation