From Bottles to Totes and Everything In Between

30 October 2023 //

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Are you currently filling high value products into containers? Any containers from small bottles to pint, quart and gallon cans,f-style, pails, drums and totes? Plastic or metal?  Do you need to improve on the productivity of your filling operations? Optimize labor on your filling lines? Look no further than the filling solutions offered by Ideal Pase & DTM Packaging (both Massman Companies).


For a wide variety of Bottle filling – DTM Packaging offers the Purefil Line of Filling Machines.


Available in walking beam or indexing filling nozzle designs – The Purefil Line features Mass-Flow Filling Technology that delivers high accuracy filling of personal care, cosmetic, otc pharma, nutraceutical, home care and food applications. The Purefil Machine can also be configured as overflow, piston or gear-pump filling machines for less stringent filling applications.


DTM’s complementary PureCap line of cappers provide fast, reliable and robust capping capacity after the fill step.


All Purefil machines feature CIP-friendly designs, PLC-controlled with color touchscreen HMIs, easy recipe generation, storage and recall, and designed to accept a wide variety of DTM designed filling nozzles that best match individual filling applications.


For high accuracy filling of larger containers – pint to tote – Ideal Pase offers a variety of net-weight filling machine solutions. To address high value product filling in the Paint/Coating, Chemical, Lubricant and select Food applications Ideal Pase in-line net-weight filling machines are available in 1,2,3,4,6 and 8 filling head configurations.


Plastic or metal open top containers – pint, quart, gallon and pails are accurately filled, consistently lidded and reliably closed in a single in-line machine configuration.


For higher throughput filling applications (from pint to gallon cans) – empty containers are laterally transferred from the infeed conveyor to a separate fill zone where they are filled before being laterally transferred to an exit conveyor. This is done to maximize the time the filling machine is filling containers – while reducing the time the filling machine is waiting for containers to enter and exit the fill zone – maximizing machine fill rates.


After containers are auto-filled, a variety of auto-lidding stations are available to support plastic, metal, friction or crimped lids. All lid placing stations include lid storage to ensure the lidding process can proceed with minimal lid replacement during filling operations. Containers with friction lids are reliably closed with Ideal Pase heavy duty roller closer stations. Higher throughput open top gallon container filling and lidding is done the same way. High speed lid placing stations keep up with higher fill rate machines.


A variety of heavy duty roller closers – including this top and bottom-powered roller closer – provide the added force needed to close a variety of lid designs that require high force closing.


High speed finger sorters are often deployed to provide high speed rejection of the occasional lid-less container.


For pail filling applications Ideal Pase offers a complete filling solution from pail Denesting to auto filling, lidding and lid closing and sealing. Plastic and metal friction lids and metal crimped lids. Our reciprocating lid placer stations quickly place plastic and metal lids onto filled pails – including spout orientation capability where needed. Crimping stations can be added for metal lid closing.


F-Style containers are also laterally transferred – filled and = laterally transferred onto exit conveyors to maximize fill rates. A variety of in-line capping stations are used to complete the capping step required for f-style containers.


Auto filling of palletized drums – is accomplished with Ideal Pase’s Gantry-Style drum and tote filler featuring operator-free auto bung detection and auto drum filling. A wide variety of tote sizes can be auto filled on the same machine. Various combinations of in-feed and exit conveyors can be provided to meet any filling operation’s container transport needs.


For high accuracy filling of bottles to totes and everything in between – in a wide variety of filling applications – Massman Companies: DTM Automation & Ideal Pase have you covered.




To learn more about Massman Companies extended technologies and packaging machine offerings visit us online:

  • Massman Automation’s areas of expertise are case packing, cartoning, flexible pouch packaging, palletizing, and case sealing and erecting.
  • EDL Packaging manufactures an extensive line of shrink wrappers, shrink bundlers, corrugate tray formers and loaders, roll wrappers, automatic flight bar wrappers, and semi-automatic wrappers.
  • Ideal Pase manufactures fully and semi-automatic liquid filling systems allowing for true “pipe to pallet” packaging operations.
  • DTM Packaging manufactures and remanufactures bottling and packaging equipment including filling machines, capping, bottle picking, and unscrambling.
  • New England Machinery builds superior quality machines including bottle Unscramblers, Cappers, Orienters, Retorquers, Lidders, Scoop Feeders, and Pluggers.

For more information on any of the machines you may see in the video, contact an IDEAL PASE or DTM Packaging representative.