High Accuracy Automated Filling for Totes, Drums, Pails & Containers Used in the Chemical Industry

24 April 2024 //

Liquid Filling Machine Industrial Applications

Ideal Pase Machines are the perfect solution for filling totes, drums, pails and containers.

The chemical industry produces a vast amount of product in an even broader range of container sizes.  It is likely the term “chemical industry” has been loosely applied to many products that don’t quite fit within other industry categories, making it even more important to work with experienced OEM’s when selecting packaging machinery.  The good news is that Ideal Pase is your experienced OEM partner with the most comprehensive liquid filling packaging line solutions available. 


Building machinery for the chemical sector for over 50 years, Ideal Pase has the experience to identify the right equipment for your application. 


Here are 3 reasons you should contact Ideal Pase to discuss your next project:


1.  We build HIGHLY ACCURATE equipment 

Ideal Pase offers reliable fillers with optimal functionality and accurate fill rates perfect for high value products across all viscosity ranges. From ½ pints to totes we have the expertise and technology to fill any container to the desired volume/rate based on operation needs at the right capacity every time.


2.  We offer EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE machinery

Our machinery handles a wide variety of containers and offers solutions for large and small batches.  Our fillers handle containers of all sizes including bottles, pails, jerry cans, totes, drums, and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) that hold from 100ml up to 1,000L.  We build Net Weight and Volumetric Fillers that are both widely used in the chemical sector because of their versatility.  We also offer multi-head systems, semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions.  Our fully Automatic Drum and Tote Fillers offer vision-based camera or laser-based bung detection offering flexibility to any drum or tote orientation.



Ideal Pase has been building solutions for chemical sectors across a variety of product specialties such as paints, plastics, automotive, cleaners, fertilizers, and many more.  We know first-hand the complexity of building explosion proof machinery and the intricacies of designing clean-in-place (CIP) vs. wash-down equipment. We can build machines with corrosion resistant stainless steel, equipped with intrinsically safe interlocked splash guards and integrated fume exhaust systems.


If you have a unique packaging challenge in the chemical sector, contact our industry-specific experts at Ideal Pase.  Our packaging machinery can handle any type of chemical product from simple to complex to custom, Ideal Pase has the perfect solution.  Connect with us today by clicking here!


Ideal Pase Machinery Built for the Chemical Industry in Action:



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