Doubling Up

14 October 2019 //

Company Information

Thank you to all our customers and visitors who made PMMI’s Pack Expo Las Vegas one of our most successful shows in recent memory. The variety of new filling applications discussed was unprecedented for a single show. The time customers and visitors alike spent in our booth was significant. Now that Ideal Pase is Massman Companies we were able to show our visitors the complete “Pipe to Pallet” Line of packaging equipment Massman Companies can now offer. For those of you that attended the Massman Customer Appreciation night at Margaritaville on Tuesday – Thanks again. See the Video Recap of Pack Expo Las Vegas.


 The Ideal Pase Model ME2-CEM is the industry’s most economical Semi-Automatic Filling solution. Standard features include; Electronic net weight filling, pneumatic controls, Rice Lake touch pad weight control, single or double filling positions and a variety of closing options handle a wide variety of applications and container sizes. One powerful option available on the ME2-CEM is the addition of two independent scales for simultaneous filling of two products. Perfect for two-part liquid products like epoxies, urethanes, resins. In this configuration the ME2-CEM is equipped with a dual scale weight control panel with two independent filling recipe setup interfaces and two weight readouts. Additional options include; Additional Fill Carts (up to 2 heads), Custom Product Contact Parts, Top, Inside or Bottom Fill Configurations, Air Diaphragm Pump Control. Extended Plug & Bottom Up Filling, Flush Trough for Remote Cleaning, Gravity Roller Conveyors, Hand Cappers, Nitrogen Purge Controls, Purgeable Instrument Bezel, Sanitary Product Contact Parts and Type X NFPA 496 Control.

The Ideal Pase’s Automatic Drum, Tote & Karboy Filling Machine features an innovative servo controlled, bung location vision system that moves the lance to all bung locations for filling without operator assistance. The featured Ideal Pase Automatic Drum, Tote and Karboy machine for this month can be loaded and unloaded from each side of the scale conveyor. Dual loading and unloading of containers mean the machine is spending most of its time filling containers and less time waiting for empty or fill containers to be transported to and from the filling zone. The operators time can now be spent loading and unloading containers not moving the lance from container to container. Standard features include; Sub-fill with tracking, top-fill, bottom fill selection, proportionally controlled throttling valve, Recipe design and product variable storage settings, Pump control systems in place for electric or air-powered pumps, Available with or without automatic conveyor package, Cleaning-while filling station for optional, additional filling lances, Proportionally controlled filling lances with no up-stream valves required, 316/316L pacified product contact parts, Product filling and cleaning recipes, Karboys, 15, 30, 55, 62-gallon drums or totes, Drip cups, fume hoods, and splash protection systems are available.

Contact a sales representative to see how we can help you choose the right machine for your liquid filling needs at 608-241-1118.