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Liquid Filling Machine Industrial Applications

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Ideal Pase excels at helping our customers find the best solutions for their liquid filling, lidding, and closing processes.  But what often goes unnoticed is Ideal Pase’s Precision nozzles.  Ideal Pase constructs premium quality nozzles for top filling, inside filling, and bottom-up filling. Ideal Pase nozzles are reliable, durable, corrosion resistant, and easy to clean.


Industrial Plug Nozzles
The Ideal Pase industrial plug nozzle fills a wide variety of containers and supports high viscosity filling.  Ideal Pase plug nozzles are manufactured in wide range of sizes.  Featuring a strong shaft, improved plug, and no dam – the industrial plug nozzle is a marvel of nozzle design.  The wetted parts on this nozzle are stainless steel, Teflon, and Viton.  An optional flush flange is available to enable a hose connection for enclosed cleaning (clean in place).  Tool-free assembly makes maintenance and cleaning a quick and efficient task.  A sweep inlet is available which helps reduce friction inside the head. The Sweep Plug nozzle is designed to reduce friction with its sweep inlet – fewer corners and angles means less friction.


Probe/Lance Nozzle
The Ideal Pase probe (or lance) nozzle excels at bottom-up filling.  The nozzle opening remains just below the surface of the product as it fills, which reduces static build up and helps eliminate foaming.  The probe nozzle fills a wide variety of containers from tight head or open top containers… up to large IBCs (totes).  Tri-clamps allow for quick assembly/disassembly.  We can custom design your lance nozzle to complement your particular filling requirements, for example: side ejecting lances to further reduce static; PVC or Polypropylene lances for highly corrosive product.


Shower Nozzle
The Ideal Pase Shower Nozzle is designed for rapid filling and minimal dripping – excellent for low viscosity liquids such as light paints, solvents, etc.  Tool free dis-assembly makes for easy clean-up.  Wetted parts include stainless steel, brass, Teflon, and Viton. Lapped sealing surfaces minimize dripping allowing for cleaner filling and enhanced product cutoff. An optional flush attachment allows for easier clean in place by attaching a hose directly to the nozzle.


Vented Cone Nozzle
Ideal Pase Cone Nozzle works great on products that tend to string or drip from capillary nozzles. The stainless-steel cone pinches the product off effectively getting rid of the string.  The umbrella shaped stream directs product flow over a greater surface area, reducing foam.  With its Dial-A-Stroke® feature, Ideal Pase Vented Cone Nozzles work with very thin to thick viscosity product – adhesives, jellies, inks, asphalts, oils (thick and thin) – this nozzle can handle a wide variety of products.


Ideal Pase Premium Nozzles – precise, reliable, durable, and dependable.

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