16 July 2018 //

Featured Products

Automatic Electronic Net Weight Liquid Filler


This month’s featured machine is the Ideal Pase Model AE2-CFM Two Head Automatic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine with DFS® Direct Fill System, Powered In-Feed Conveyor, Dual 5 Gallon Crimper station and an open section of conveyor after the fill station for “manual lid placing”. This space will accept a future Ideal Pase automatic lid placer. While the Model AE2-CFM is capable of filling Quart to 6-gallon containers our featured machine is configured to fill, and crimp close 5 gallon open top metal pails at a rate of 6-12 containers per minute and a filling accuracy within +/- 0.1 lbs.

Standard machine features include; Allen Bradley PLC, Color Touchscreen HMI with Ethernet Connectivity, Recipe Storage, SPC Displayed on HMI, Check weigh Data Logging, Auto Preact, Check Weigher at Fill Stations, Patented Interchangeable Fill Cart, Two Stage Conveyor Design Crimping Station and Heavy-Duty Roller Closer. Machine options include; Controls for Hazardous Locations, Lid Placers, Glycol Pumps, Lid Orientation, Extended Conveyor Lengths and Factory Automation Connectivity.

Contact an Ideal Pase representative for more information on the AE2-CFM.