Automatic Net Weight Twin Lane A-B Filling Machine

25 May 2022 //

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Ideal Pase Automatic Net Weight Twin Lane A-B Filling Machine takes net weight pail filling to the next level of fill rate performance in a compact machine footprint. For operations looking at rotary fillers for faster pail filling – Ideal Pase A-B Filling Machine is worth a look. The A-B Filling machine features Ideal Pase’s 6 Head Pressure Over Product (POP) Fill Tank which delivers fast container filling for a variety of liquid products.


The A-B Filling Machine’s innovative parallel container transport and filling design allows the filling machine to fill 3 pails simultaneously and then 3 pails simultaneously immediately following the first set of pail fills, eliminating wait times for container infeed and outfeed transport. Achieving pail filling rates of 16 – 18 per minute for the 6 head A-B Filling Machine and 22-25 per minute for the 8 Head A-B Filling Machine depending on specific product characteristics.


Ideal Pase A-B Filler is perfect for any high-volume pail filling operation – and especially for products that setup fast and need to be packaged quickly. Filled pails are transported 3 at a time off the filling machine conveyor to optional; auto: lid placing, labeling, palletizing and shrink wrap stations for a complete high-capacity pail filling line solution.


Please contact your regional Ideal Pase sales manager for more information on Ideal Pase’s Twin Lane A-B Pail Filling Machine Solution.