Automatic 4 Head Filling Line for Metal & Plastic Gallon Cans and 5 Gallon Pails

14 February 2020 //

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The Model AE4-LGM is Ideal Pase’s most advanced automatic net weight liquid filling machine for plastic and metal gallon cans and 5-gallon pails that require both roller closing and metal crimp closing. This machine features; the 4 head DFS Direct Fill System for fast, clean and accurate fills, Lateral Container Transfer for “wait free” container filling, 4 auto crimping stations that accept all 4 filled containers simultaneously with no wait time and a heavy duty roller closer for fast and reliable friction lid closing. All this capability in a single machine package.

Additional standard features include; Allen Bradley PLC, Rice Lake Weight Control, Large Color Touchscreen HMI, Fast Fill Recipe Development & Convenient Fill Recipe Storage, Auto Preact, Check Weigher at Fill Stations, Container Counter, Machine Diagnostics, Permanent Lubrication and Rigid Steel Frame Construction.

Options available; Explosion Proof Packages, Glycol Pumps, Manifold Fill Carts, Sanitary Contact Parts, Stainless Steel Washdown Construction, Pump Controls, In-feed & Exit Conveyors, Top fill, Inside Fill or Bottom Fill Designs, Various Nozzle Configurations; Cone, Plug and Probe.

This Ideal Pase Filling Machine is the perfect filling machine for high value liquid filling applications in the Paint & Coatings, Chemical, Lubricants & Food & Beverage Markets.

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