August 2021 Newsletter – Ideal Pase Dual A-B Filler

30 August 2021 //

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This month we are featuring Ideal Pase’s Continuous Net-Weight AB Filling Machine for high viscosity products. The AB refers to two independent fill zones that allow for continuous filling of product – as soon as the A-side finishes its fill the B-side starts filling. An Allen Bradley PLC controls container movements, feeding each line as needed. Cross pushers index when there is an opening to ensure continuous container feeding. This machine was designed to fill joint compound into 5-gallon pails, 4.5-gallon boxes and 50 lbs. boxes with plastic liners and fit into the customers small space and existing, staggered, infeed and discharge conveyors. Product delivery system was developed to ensure maximum filling rates and high accuracy with the customers’ highly viscous joint compound product and includes a manifold, butterfly valves, knife gates and basket strainers.


This filling machine also features; a 6” stainless steel tabletop chain, 10” Allen Bradley Color HMI and a complete interlocked guarding package surrounding the entire machine for operator safety.


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