The IDEAL PASE 4-Head F-Style Auto Filler and Capper

28 March 2023 //

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For fast and accurate f-style container filling and capping, look no further than the IDEAL PASE 4-head, net weight bottom up filling and capping solution.


2.5 Gallon F-Style containers are precision-filled, four at a time, using 4 proportioning valve fill lances and an integrated manifold – for even product distribution across the four fill lances.


Filled f-style containers are transported to an integrated capping system with programmable torque control.


For fast, accurate and robust f-style filling and capping the Ideal|Pase solution is worth a look.



If you’re interested in the IDEAL PASE 4-Head F-Style Auto Filler and Capper , please use the form below, and a sales representative will contact you to help.